Our Advisors

Sandeep Allam

Feroz Syed

Sandeep Allam has held senior level management positions in the technology field at STLOGICS. Mr. Allam is responsible for the design and development of strategies and processes that drive the STLOGICS business objectives. Mr. Allam has extensive expertise in the Technology industry. Prior to joining our company Mr. Allam was a Technologist at Eli Lilly and Company. Mr. Allam is responsible for leading the application of common resources, methodologies, tools and support systems across the company in the areas of finance, procurement, human resources and information technology services. In this role, he provides expert counsel to senior management, and is responsible for IT strategy, functions, processes and people company wide. This includes investments, supplier relationships. He held a number of technology roles in various regions and divisions. He brings with him extensive technology, business and international experience. Mr. Allam is widely acknowledged in the field as a thought leader in emerging information technologies, and customer focused services.
Technology executive and senior level collaborator providing strategic insight and operational management. History of successfully aligning information technology with business goals while controlling costs and risks. Global experience managing large teams of professionals providing the vision and leadership necessary to deliver transformative technology solutions.

Visionary: Able to see future technological directions and implement those future directions sucessfully.