Our Difference

What is Agile Science and Why is Blue Agilis Unique?

Agile Science is the melding and patching of the following disciplines to create processes and tools that engages people when a change needs to occur and makes it easier for humans to change or modify their existing processes, workflows and behaviors.

Project Management

Quality Improvement

Data Science

Implementation Science

AI & Machine Learning

Change Management

Behavioral Economics

Human Psychology

Design Thinking

We believe that successful program or product implementations must be facilitated by a system that is agile and prepares for an iterative problem-solving process.

Traditional Implementation Process

We are unique in this aspect because we do not do this in traditional ways.  We do this in an agile way.  We know the real world is a video not a photograph.  So, plans that people spend many hours creating to prepare for the perfect execution rarely ever happens that way.  We understand how a plan envisioned on pen and paper 9 times out of 10 does not turn out the way it is meant to when implemented in a real setting.  Due to this, we have taken the tools of Agile Science and created an evidence-based proprietary platform and professional services model that takes into account how change actually happens and most importantly how to change the behaviors of humans, not a computer or machine where it takes a simple algorithm to get them to do something differently.

Agile Implementation Process

Our experiences in healthcare makes us unique.  We understand that healthcare is local, healthcare teams are local, and patients are different depending on a variety of factors.  Based on this understanding we know that in order to successfully implement any solution in healthcare you have to localize it to meet the needs of the local environment.  Healthcare is not a cookie cutter industry and the way you implement solutions in healthcare are not cookie cutter as well.  If you want to improve health outcomes, quality of care, patient or provider experiences and cost of care you need to know how personalize it, make it simply for humans and be agile while doing it.

Our experiences in healthcare also make us unique. We understand that everything in healthcare is local and have applied our tools and processes to help organizations improve their value-based purchasing results. Contact Us to speak to one of our partner organizations and see how we have helped them achieve and sustain results.