Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

Nadia Adams, MHA

Chief Executive Officer

Malaz Boustani, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Jose Azar, MD

Chief Behavioral Officer

Shubham Jain

Head of Product Engineering

Our Advisors

Sandeep Allam

Feroz Syed

Nadia’s goal is to eliminate preventable medical errors and deaths by transforming healthcare into a consumer-driven system that delivers better value for all patients. She has served as the SVP of Population Health & Care Innovation at Continuum Health, Partners in Care and Consensus Health where she was responsible for driving improved quality, enhanced patient experience and lower overall cost of care among provider partners. She has also served as the Chief Operating Officer for the Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science at Indiana University School of Medicine where she worked with over 2,000 physician practices and 15,000 providers serving 10 million patients to advance them through graduated levels of success in value-based care environments. She was named as one of the Women of Influence honorees for the Indianapolis Business Journal in 2016, as well as one of the top 40 leaders under 40 in Indianapolis, and one of the top 60 Rising National Healthcare Leaders Under 40 by Becker’s Healthcare.

Dr. Boustani is a geriatrician, a neuroscientist, and an implementation scientist with extensive experience in developing, evaluating, implementing, and disseminating healthcare innovations with a main focus on brain health. Over the past decade, Dr. Boustani has built a clinical laboratory of more than 2,000 ambulatory practices serving at least 10 million lives within five Midwestern States (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky). He used the above clinical laboratory to lead the execution of numerous clinical research studies funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services totaling more than $100 million. He has more than 160 peer-reviewed publications. 

Dr. Boustani has also developed a combined human- and computer-based decision support system to detect cognitive impairment including delirium among hospitalized elders, reducing exposure to potentially harmful medications and procedures, and enhancing the recovery of brain health after critical illness. He contributed to the identification of the acute and chronic adverse cognitive effects of medications and developed the anticholinergic cognitive burden scale. His investigation led to the discovery that exposure to medications with adverse cognitive effect may lead to the future development of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment. Furthermore, he developed, evaluated and implemented the collaborative Aging Brain Care model in primary care. This model has been able to achieve the triple aim of improving brain health, improving brain care and reducing cost, and has become the standard of brain care in central Indiana and across the world.

Dr. Azar is a Hematology/Oncologist with expertise around creating agile, high reliability organizations that excel at quality, patient safety and patient experience.  He has used Agile Science to improve the quality of care and reduced unintentional harm in the hospital setting that has led to reductions in Hospital Acquired Infections (Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections, Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections, Clostridium difficile infections and Surgical Site Infections), Venous Thromboembolic Events, length of stay and readmission rates. As the Chief Behavioral Office, Dr. Azar focuses on applying behavioral science to solve for healthcare’s toughest problems.

Shubham Jain has deep expertise in corporate strategy, program management, customer satisfaction modeling, new product development, operations and delivery.  On the technology front, he has expertise in client server architectures, digital design and development, cloud computing, big data technologies, user experience frameworks and IT infrastructure.  Shubham is an Engineering undergraduate with a Masters in Business Operations and he holds many esteemed certifications in both technology and business.  He has worked for companies like Mckinsey & Company and Tata Group in management consulting and played critical parts in achieving breakthrough business impacts both on the top line and bottom line for clients in various industries.

Sandeep Allam has held senior level management positions in the technology field at STLOGICS. Mr. Allam is responsible for the design and development of strategies and processes that drive the STLOGICS business objectives. Mr. Allam has extensive expertise in the Technology industry. Prior to joining our company Mr. Allam was a Technologist at Eli Lilly and Company. Mr. Allam is responsible for leading the application of common resources, methodologies, tools and support systems across the company in the areas of finance, procurement, human resources and information technology services. In this role, he provides expert counsel to senior management, and is responsible for IT strategy, functions, processes and people company wide. This includes investments, supplier relationships. He held a number of technology roles in various regions and divisions. He brings with him extensive technology, business and international experience. Mr. Allam is widely acknowledged in the field as a thought leader in emerging information technologies, and customer focused services.
Technology executive and senior level collaborator providing strategic insight and operational management. History of successfully aligning information technology with business goals while controlling costs and risks. Global experience managing large teams of professionals providing the vision and leadership necessary to deliver transformative technology solutions.

Visionary: Able to see future technological directions and implement those future directions sucessfully.